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          The 4th Legislative District is in Eastern Washington and encompasses the Eastern portion of Spokane County. The city of Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Newman Lake, Mead, Colbert, Millwood, and portions of Chattaroy and Elk are included. From the peak of Mt. Spokane to the farm valley of the Peone Prairie, the woods stretching to Pend Oreille County, the Little Spokane River to the Spokane River. The industrial zones in the Spokane Valley, farming, forestry, homesteaders, ranching, service industry, schools, medical center, industrial center, recreation, and shopping.

Who We Are

Dixie Saccheri

Dixie Saccheri
Web Master -
as of March 14, 2010

I have been interested in computers and the internet since I was nine. Computer's were not as big a deal back then, but now they seem to have taken off! I love every minute of my work and hope to have many more opportunities to flex my creative muscles.

I have an Associates Degree in Information Technology - Multimedia and am close to getting another in Software Development. I will acheive the second in November of 2010. I am fluent in many different programming languages including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, VB.NET, and soon to be C# and ASP.NET. I have my web designer, web developer and computer science certificates.

PHP is by far my favorite web-development language. This site is written in PHP. It is quite a bit messier than some of the other languages, but throw in a little JavaScript and soon, you have one of the best sites ever made! :)

Rick LLoyd

Rick LLoyd
chair 4th LD
as of November 30, -0001

Active in the Spokane Democrats since 2000, Vice Chair of the 4th District since 2004, elected Chair in 2009. Worked on various local and state campaigns. Guest lecturer at Central Valley High School on World War II history. The musuem at West Point, French National Aerospace Museum, Eugene Debs Museum, Jimmy Stewart Museum, and  Spokane Valley Museum, had have military or political artifacts acquired for thier collections from Rick. Married, four chidren, and one dog, and a dozen fish all reside with him.

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